The poker world mostly knows Tuan Lam for his second place finish in the 2007 WSOP Main Event which earned him $4,840,981 and for the dramatic heads-up confrontation he’s had with eventual winner Jerry Yang, who had to come from behind to take even the last pot of the tourney.


Lam was born in Vietnam, on January 1st 1966, as the Vietnam War was in full swing. Driven to emigration by the inhuman living conditions and poverty in is native country, he settled in the Toronto area aged 19 and began working as a laborer for a metal company.

It was there that he began playing poker, and as it turned out it suited him much better than then his “career” in the metal industry.

Soon, it made more sense for him to look for a living at the green felt, and he turned pro.


He played in two previous WSOPs before 2007, but the third time would be by far his biggest finish ever. He has 3 WSOP money finishes. In 2005, he finished 76th in a NL Holdem event, taking home $3,290. In 2006, he reached 46th place in a Limit Holdem Shootout one winning $7,153.

His 2007 second place saw him survive a field of 6,538 players.


Don’t be surprised at the lack of his tournament successes after the 2007 WSOP. He is mainly a cash game player. He plays $200/$400 Fixed Limit cash games online at PokerStars and he also plays cash games in live casinos. He describes himself as an aggressive player, who started playing online ion a laptop a friend of his bought him. He started off at the $30/$60 tables, but quickly worked his way up the stakes.   


As a member of Team PokerStars, Lam is playing in many live tournaments these days, especially in Asia. With his 2007 WSOP winnings he’s building a temple in his native country of Vietnam.


He is currently married and has 2 children.


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